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Mobile worker safety device
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Mobile worker safety application

Blackline offers two worker solutions, a dedicated Loner™ GPS safety device and a Loner™ Mobile safety application for BlackBerry smartphones. The hosted Loner™ Portal web application manages administration, configuration, background alerting, and real-time monitoring.

Multi-layer approach to safety

Safety solution connection – Loner Portal provides knowledge of when a worker is being monitored, and when they're not
Safety solution GPS location – Knowledge of a worker's current and recent location is critical to manage an efficient response to a safety incident
Worker presence detection – A safety solution is only effective when it is actively used and with the worker
Safety incident alerting – Alerting personnel of a safety incident must be managed in a configurable manner to meet the diverse needs of each organization

Emergency Response

Working alone means that there's a reasonable expectation that a mobile worker's call for help cannot be heard, seen, or there's a lack of willingness for nearby individuals to provide help.

Loner™ solutions from Blackline GPS provide safety and location awareness to organizations who have workers who work alone at some point during their workday.

Blackline Loner solutions provide awareness of safety incidents and enable an efficient response through empowerment by knowing a worker's location.

Safety monitoring and GPS

Safety monitoring and GPS
Loner solutions from Blackline provide two very critical elements of awareness:

Loner GPS and Loner Mobile solutions report GPS locations to the Loner Portal use account. These locations provide a bread-crumb trail of worker locations in order to manage a response to a safety incident.

Loner GPS and Loner Mobile solutions monitor the worker's safety, triggering alerts that indicate a safety incident and sending notifications that may affect the system's ability to provide safety monitoring in the future.